What's the main purpose for a dog collar?

There are a few reasons why a dog needs a collar and each of them will lead you to a specific kind of dog collar. Your dog may need a collar for training, protection, identification, or simply fashion.

What kind of collar is best for my dog?

It will depend on the type of breed you have and how the collar will be primarily used for: fashion, only for walks, everyday wear, hunting, etc. You will encounter options such as standard collars, training collars, leather collars, waterproof collars, and LED collars.

What are the best dog collars? 

You can find a variety of brands and types of dog collars that are great products and follow safety precautions, thus, it is difficult to choose one as the best. When choosing a dog collar make sure it fits well around your dog’s neck, that it fits the purpose of use, and that is not made with inferior materials. Lukas Austin Paws creates standard dog collars making sure the sawing strongly attaches to each part of the collar webbing and that the endings are fastened 100% securely. 

Should dog collars be left on all the time?

Your dog does not need to wear a dog collar all day. If your dog is a puppy or stays indoors, a dog collar will not be necessary most of the time. If your dog goes outdoors sometimes without supervision, you need to consider that it might be a safety issue to leave him wearing the dog collar. 

Are collars uncomfortable for dogs? 

Dog collars are accessories that dogs use to be identified, trained, or just to look stylish. If your dog is wearing any type of collar, you need to make sure it fits correctly so it does not interfere with your dog’s comfort when sleeping, resting or playing. 

What is the best dog leash? 

The main purpose of a leash is to keep your dog safe and under control while away from home and as a tool to manage your pet during training. The best leash for your dog will depend on the breed and size of your dog, and how it's going to be used: for an everyday walk, for training or intense exercise like running, etc. Lukas Austin Paws creates standard leashes that can be used for everyday walks on a trained dog.

Do Leashes Hurt Dogs?

Leashes do not hurt dogs. It is an incredibly positive thing for them if it is used properly and only to give them good experiences with it, taking it for a walk that way they relate something positive with the leash.

Why Do Dogs Bite Their Leashes While Out on a Walk?

Dogs are quite impulsive, especially when they are puppies so you must be aware of the behaviors they adopt without warning, as they are learning the world and want to learn everything in one day. The dog can see the leash to play and have fun or he can also bite it to get your attention. 

What Types of Dog Accessories Should I Buy for My Pet?

There is a short list of accessories that you need for your dog: a collar with an identification tag, a leash, and a harness. Unless you are teaching your dog an alternative behavior or working on correcting a very challenging behavior, you will not need anything else.  

Lukas Austin Paws offers you everything you need for your puppy or big dog. You will find every one of our products made with great quality materials and amazing designs created by Lukas Austin.

Things Your Dog Needs.

  1. Water cups.
  2. Container for food.
  3. Treats.
  4. Clothes if you live in a cold environment and your pet has little fur.
  5. Toys to avoid destructive behaviors in your home.
  6. Dog training pads.