About Us

Lukas Austin Paws.

 A Story Behind Every Collar.


Lukas Austin Paws was created in 2019 when I was brainstorming what type of business I could start and successfully run as an 8 years-old child. I thought that selling a dog product would be a great start for me since in our community, being pet friendly, resides plenty of furry customers. I, always watching people in front of my house walking their dogs, saw an opportunity to create something unique that could serve to the needs of our neighbors and their best friends. 

My handmade and very unique collar designs later on became the need of many people in South Florida who now follow my journey as a business kid and enjoy its purpose which is funding my Gymnastics career.

Why do I have to find a way to fund my career? Gymnastics is a very expensive sport. We have to pay not only for training but also for extra fees to participate in competitions such as membership, uniforms, tickets and travels. For this reason, my family and I came up with the idea of creating my dog online store.   


I loves pets, especially dogs, so I decided to invest part of my time in helping them enhance their image by having the opportunity to find fun and unique accessories such as dog collars, harnesses and leashes, that have the magic to make every customer a part of my amazing story: the hard work of a young USA athlete to reach the dream of becoming a National Champion or even better represent the United States in the Olympics!